Apartment anniversary

4 years yesterday since we moved into our apartment. That first night we sat without furniture for most of the evening on our rolled up sleeping bags marvelling at the incredible view and counting planes – such a change from the concrete jungle of Willis Street.

Last night we had champagne and a carpet picnic to celebrate – our ‘picnics’ are platters (rather than an old bottle with a bit of milk in it, tea bags, thermos, brown bread sandwiches and fruit cake) and last night’s one was pretty amazing. And plain. Not filled with olives, stinky cheese, anchovies, grilled/marinated veg, curried/cured anything or crackers.

The one new thing I made was pesto palmiers – homemade pesto in a pastry log cut into slices and cooked – god they were divine! I’ve tried to make them before but they were awful – I think it was the bought pesto with dreadful parmesan.


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