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Went to M…M……..M..M…..McDONalds for dinner last night – well we joined niece Amy and her family for her 6th birthday dinner. The Mister thought it was *such* a treat having his OWN burger and I tried (albeit not very well) to join in but it was quite hard to sit in a relaxed manner at a ‘polite’ distance from the table of trays of tumbling food and sauces and avoid strange kids (nothing to do with our family) coughing all over me and shining a torch in my eye and ear and declining all offers of food while maintaining an ‘isn’t this fun?’ expression.

However – we went. We like joining our nieces for something on their birthdays, even if just to call by the house. They’re growing up so fast. I think the next birthday visit is a teddy bear’s picnic in 100-acre wood (now …. where’s my teddy?)

And it made my day when Amy was thrilled her present was wrapped in orange cellophane and spent quite a bit of time lovingly folding it to keep after saying in her outside voice “orange is my FAVOURITE colour!” 🙂


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