Toast spreads

If you happen to be passing Superfino this week at breakfast time, and indeed decide to stop in for breakfast, and order toast with raspberry jam – it’ll be the Mister’s jam! He gave a jar to Amy yesterday as they’ve just started serving breakfast there and she showed us their range of specialty jams. The Mister thought his deserved a place in the line up. He can’t wait to hear stories from her next week of diners who said “Gosh this is great jam, what is it?”

I didn’t have a date scone for lunch today – I know I know – something must be wrong! Well, it is … my niggley throat thing hasn’t gone away, well at least it’s not getting any worse but I am sticking to a regime of honey on toast whenever I can get it so I had that instead. While a Nikau we had the displeasure of sitting next to a rather haughty woman who definitely expidited our departure … she ordered the green salad off the menu and when it came decided she was not happy with her choice:

Friendly waitress: here’s your salad m’am.
Woman: oh. It doesn’t have any beetroot in it.
Friendly waitress: I’m sorry m’am, did you order a side of beetroot?
Woman: no. I ordered the Salad of the Day off the menu. It should have beetroot in it.
Confused waitress (taking a menu being handed to her) and pointing: our Salad of the Day today is a Green Salad m’am. Would you like a side of beetroot?
Woman: no! I want a salad with beetroot in it. Why would I order a pile of green leaves for lunch? That’s not a very substantial lunch.
Poor waitress: would you like me to pass it back to the kitchen to have some beetroot added to it?
Woman: yes. Then I would get what I was expecting.

WTF? She ordered a green salad and then had the audacity to tell them a ‘pile of green leaves’ was not satisfactory? The whole mood around the bar was decided grim after that so we left. Sheeesh.


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