Sunny Sunday

A second sunny weekend day in a row so we took a slow wander around the harbour. Lots of people out and about including a pervert with a telephoto lens on his camera pointed at teenage girls in their bikini’s or underwear or whatever they were wearing jumping off the wharf.

Also discovered a new pet store has opened in the Herd Street complex – perhaps a rather odd location right on the harbour alongside bars and restaurants but it seems to be focussed on pet food and supplies (handy for the apartment market). Today they did have a cage with a couple of puppies in it and another with a giant Norwegian Forest cat in it – her name was Tiger Lilly and man she was HUGE, and very soft. According to the 8 or 9 year old daughter of the guy running the place, who opened the cage so we could pat her, and told us all about her, the breed is the largest domestic cat.

And they had 2 life-sized orange dog statues out the front to welcome shoppers.


#1 Jolene on 10.12.08 at 5:00 pm

The Guinness world record for longest domestic cat (2006) went to this ORANGE!!! Maine Coon (tied for "largest domestic kittay" with the Norwegian Forest Cat) who lives somewhere in Chicago:
It would be so awesome to see him peering at us from his window perch during one of our walks.

#2 Orange Girl on 10.12.08 at 7:18 pm

Ommigod that’s a HUUUUGE orange kitty! And Doctor Rovner is 6’2" and look how big the cat is in his arms.

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