Magazine advertising

Opened up the Cuisine that arrived a couple of days ago and was showered with loose leaf advertising tucked into it’s pages – heaps of it! Perhaps because it’s the Christmas issue, but c’mon, I want to read the magazine not all the bits of paper that are now all over the table and floor. Tucked inside were:

  • Catalogue for Milly’s (kitchenware store) in Auckland … great … some of us don’t live in Auckland
  • Mail order catalogue for New Zealand Nature … everything from clothes to books to monogrammed towels and souvenirs
  • Wine Society order form
  • Doubleday Book Club pamphlet
  • Living and Giving store catalogue
  • A postcard about Kapiti Aorangi Brie
  • 2 Cuisine subscription order forms
  • Cuisine Wine Country Magazine advert

That’s 9 bits of stuff!


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