Secret Santa email draw

So, this is our third year of doing Secret Santa style gift buying for one branch of the family. We set up the web-based Christmas Wish List that first year for everyone to log in to to record gift ideas to help out their Secret Santa. The drawing of who gets to be Santa for whom has been good old scraps of paper in a Tupperware container with the 6 of us taking turns at picking a name, throwing back our own or our spouse’s name.

This year we’re extending it to include the Washington family so the names-in-a-hat has become a bit more difficult. In the end, in manner of builder renovating their own kitchen, the Mister is writing (as we speak) a program that will randomly match a Santa and a recipient from the 8 names available, avoiding spouses or names already drawn and automatically emailing the name of the person you’re playing Santa to to the Santa’s address.

We could package and sell it! International Secret Santa!

So look out family … an email will be coming your way soon with “[NAME], you are Santa for …” (open the email to reveal the name randomly drawn for you).


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