Jet lag

I’ve got a random contribution to add to the cause of jet lag. It might also go towards answering my own random question that I asked here 4 years ago about whether cats and dogs suffer from jet lag. With this latest thought, I’d say yes. All day the first day back and most of yesterday morning I figured out why I felt a bit ‘removed’ from things. Sure I feel tired from all the travel and loosing a day and not sleeping so well on the plane – those are all the physical causes of jetlag. I reckon a mental one is that my subconscious is filled with memories, images, experiences of very recent times so that I have this very weird feeling that my physical self is not where my mental self is. On the first day back whenever I was doing whatever it was (at Gotham, out picking up the coffee machine, putting up the Christmas tree, eating dinner), I was there doing it, but I fully expected to then walk into the next room, or go outside, or get in the car and be doing the next thing in New York.  I hadn’t shaken out of my head that we weren’t there any more. God this is hard to explain. I suppose it’s like any kind of loss or massive change – it leaves you feeling totally disoriented.


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