Bamboo wool

Can blind people knit? When we were in the wool shop yesterday (oh how I’ve missed it … they were in the middle of their annual sale *and* had redecorated and got new Knitting Club furniture) and a lady with a guide dog came into the store. The assistant was rushing around getting her to feel various wools (and telling her what colours would go together) while the lab guide dog stood there with his nose firmly stuffed into a basket of wool giving it a good old sniff (have to remember not to buy any wool from that basket mind you it was an awful tweed looking batch which I doubt I’d want). I suppose the lady was buying the wool to knit with it, she was asking about the ply and ball weights – how would you knit if you were blind? I can’t imagine doing half the things I do without seeing but knitting seems so fiddly and dropping stitches so frequent if you’e not looking. Perhaps there’s some kind of electronic needles that can tell if a stitch has been dropped, or perhaps she was partially sighted and could knit with the aid of magnification. Hmmm.

I came away with some bamboo wool. Technically I supposed it’s not actually wool because no part of it comes off a sheep’s back. I’m using something different for my first knitting project in a while because it’s going to a baby to be born in Hong Kong soon and even in winter the temperatures are pretty warm so I thought wool wasn’t particularly suitable.

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#1 Claudette Wilkinson on 01.17.09 at 9:44 am

Hi! Your comments about knitting for the blind made me curious. I’m a novice knitter and can’t imagine how much more difficult it would be without full sight! But here’s a link to a page by and for blind knitters – the information under ‘equipment’ may answer some of your questions but something that hadn’t occurred to me, but is addressed on this site, is how to ‘read’ patterns!

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