Dan baked

Got a Skype from Walnut saying ‘oooo guess what’. What? ‘I’ve got something to show you, don’t pass out.’ And then a photo was taking it’s time to download … in that few seconds I let my mind wander. OK. This is Dan we’re talking about so I rifled through my mind’s collection of things she could show me that might make me pass out … the photo could be of: her nursing a cat in their apartment, their new dog, her driving the car, a broken or cut body part, a new house in America, plane tickets home, plane tickets to New York … by the time I got much further the photo was here.

She baked! Definitely a faint-worthy moment. Dan doesn’t much cook, let alone bake, and Bev The Chef isn’t much of a baker either so this is a truly momentous occasion in their family. Good old Edmonds Banana Cake. Well done! And she took it to their friend’s place to have after dinner. You go girl!


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