American Girl

Wearing an all American outfit today (Lucky and Converse) and it got the Mister and I talking about our trip to American Girl when we were in New York. I didn’t remember this until just this morning.

On a previous trip to the States we’d see lots of girls and their mothers with shopping bags from American Girl, quite styley bags, plain with a star in the middle. Same again this year. The girls all looked about the same ages as our nieces and for us it looked like a sure thing for Christmas shopping – seems like every girl needs something from that store. Cool scarf, jewels, leg warmers, cap – something ‘American’.

Once we decided to go to the store we were never just passing by one. One of those rarer stores that doesn’t have one on every corner, just the big one on 5th Ave. So the day we went we had to walk for blocks and blocks, in the cold and pouring rain and when we finally got there it was not what we expected. It was a doll shop. What? Quite expensive dolls that you then use your pocket money for years to come buying accessories, clothes, a friend for your doll and the doll spa, camp, hospital whatever it is. There sure were a lot of little girls in there and velvet ropes directing pedestrians in and out – it was packed!

We didn’t think any of our nieces were that much into dolls and unless they already had one of those particular dolls, it was no use getting any of the little clothes. Am gutted it wasn’t a clothing/stuff store for kids.


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