My tree cosy

I made a tree cosie! Just a tiny one, like a little tree bangle really but it was SO FUN!!

First we had to fight our way through the steaming hot crowds in Cuba Street – after the non-stop rain we had yesterday and the misty start today it was amazing how gloriously hot and fine and blue the sky has turned out today.

Then we found the trees that were having cosies made for them. A few people were scattered around on park benches knitting and a couple of trees were already adorned. It was a case of rumage through the bag and find yourself some wool and needles … now then … any orange?

Yes! Then it was time to park up on a pillow and knit away for the world to see. Many people stopped and stared, had my photo taken by loads of strangers … maybe I’ll be on the news … and The Mister did very well to sit with me for the 40 minutes it took me to make my cosie. Except for when he went around to the People’s Garage to get me an exceptional cup of coffee.

Friends of ours came along and saw us and sat for the last few rows – I even gave Mrs Moggie a turn for a couple of rows and she was pretty good. We got an invitation to go and pat the kitties when I was done in return! Next up I had to put my cosie around one of the trees. Someone from work came by as well and took a few photos!

It was great fun and I was very content sitting there on the footpath knitting away. I wanted to do a Xero-coloured one next but we had to go. At least going to see the kitties was something worth leaving for. We’re going back to Cuba Street soon to see if my cosie is still there and how many others there are by now.

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#1 jif on 02.21.09 at 11:43 am

my friend tash organized this! and when I went this arvo I thought the orange one might be from you, but I wasn’t sure. very cool

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