Aidan watch

Had some wonderful face time with Aidan and his parents this weekend. He’s and adorable good natured wee boy – just turned 1 year old. His favourite ‘word’ right now is ‘DA’ and I almost managed to get him to say ‘Nom nom nom nom’ in manner of the Cheeseburger cats which is insanely cut, especially when he wrinkles up his nose and giggles at you. He’s getting around really fast on hands and knees and can stand easily and quickly on the spot without the aid of furniture but hasn’t taken a step yet.

He seems to quite like the Mister and they read ‘My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes’ together before bed last night.

We got to use the fully self-service check-in and boarding system for our outbound flight as well. It was very quick and efficient but did feel a bit strange that no-one wanted to check who we were, or check our bags weren’t oversize for the cabin or ask if we’d packed them ourselves etc. The only airline person we saw was a woman who gave a perfunctory ‘thanks’ when we scanned our own boarding passes at the door to the tarmac. Seems to be the other extreme from banning nail files and water bottles.


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