Tween reading

Have received much sh*t from the Mister over the last 6 weeks as I have been totally absorbed and enamored with the Twilight series – yes yes, teen novels. But I don’t care. I enjoyed reading them. I was totally drawn into the romance of it all. Plus I’ve never really got into any kind of science fiction or make believe stories and this series was obviously pitched at a level that I would understand that subject matter. I’m pretty impressed with myself that I got through 4 huge books in 6 weeks – and worked every day and knitted a small child’s sweater (Nicky, if you’re reading this I’m up to the sewing up part)! And they’re huge books – 430, 560, 640 and 750 pages!

I can’t wait for the movie of the second book to come out in September! (And I bet the Mister will come with me …)


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