Cranberry sauce

Still on the chicken and rice theme – it’s a winter for it! – we’ve also had a couple of roast chickens for weekend dinners recently. Like proper roasting the way Mother used to do it – no bag! We do cheat and use the meat thermometer just to make sure it’s properly cooked and we have one of those cool silicon brushes that is amazing for basting the chicken – I don’t know how the brush manages to both attract and repel juice at the same time.

Anyway, might seem a bit festive but we’re stuffing it with the wild rice and cranberry stuffing because cranberries are in season at the moment. Finally have the cranberry sauce nailed – it’s very sweet and very cranberry-ish. Not as savoury as what you get in a jar.

  • 1/4c water & 1/4c brown sugar brought to the boil
  • 1 cup cranberries added & simmered for 10 mins, stirred occasionally to make a pulp
  • About 1/4 orange rind & a dash of nutmeg stirred through for flavour

The sauce also makes a great accompaniment to left-over chicken in a sandwich the next day even though it does look a bit like a chicken and jam sandwich!


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