1 day sale website

My Office Buddy has told me about 1-day.co.nz before, a website where there is a one day sale of one item only – something totally random. Today the item on sale is ‘a bag of crap’ for $11. I don’t think it’s literally crap, but rather some random items with a minimum value of $11.

So I went to the site to check it out. And it’s overloaded. But they have such a cool error message – they basically just say upfront that the site is overloaded and you have to try again, but while you’re sitting there refreshing the page, random pictures of overloaded things are displayed to keep you occupied. The one I like best is this poor little donkey …

… how on earth does he get down? I guess he’s just up there braying and flailing his legs around until they slowly lift off the boxes until the cart is light enough to lower him down. The unloaders would have to be careful not to take a big heavy item off and lower the cart too quickly!

Ommigod, while I’ve been tying this she’s gone ahead and bought a bag of crap! Wonder what it’ll be …


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