A cauldron of minestrone

With the weather being so wintry we thought we’d make a big cauldron of hearty soup, and settled on minestrone. We had to give in and get a giant bush of celery though so will have some to use in the chicken and rice pilaf.

The recipe called for cannellini beans, which we knew were white beans, but had to decipher many tins of Italian beans in Moore Wilson’s before we found them – trick for young players – when you come across tins and tins of haricots blance with not a cannellini bean in sight, just turn the tin around! Different writing on each side!

Made a mean carrot, celery, onion and garlic base,

Added tomatoes, cannellini beans, macaroni and boiled the lot in chicken stock.

Very good and hearty and plenty of left-overs to have after a cold day at work again tomorrow. The ‘S’ indicating wind direction on the weather this evening was practically horizontal – gale force southerlies.


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