Wellington treasure hunt

Today Matt said he’d gone to investigate a ‘geocache’, and so the story unfolded. Geocaching (http://www.geocaching.com/) seems to be a GPS-based world-wide treasure hunt where enthusiasts follow coordinates to find little magnetic lock boxes hidden in various locations with a little bit of paper and pencil inside for the finder to write their name and the date they found it. By logging into the geocache website each box you find can be tracked and monitored. I struggled to grasp the concept at first, and when Matt said “there’s one just outside work under one of the park benches by the wind sculpture” I jumped up and down in my gumboots and insisted we go see it right then.

So off we went. He sat down and felt around under the park bench like a dodgy crazy person …

… and produced a little magnetic lock box with a pencil and paper inside it!

Amazing! He’s found 200-something of them and had already logged this one himself so we didn’t write our names on the log. Including one outside a school that needed 2 visits to open as it was a trick box that needed special instructions to open, however on the 2nd visit some nosy biddy across the road who decided that he really was a dodgy crazy person fossicking around in the bushes outside a school for the 2nd time was not to be trusted so called the police who came to question him about his interest in small children!

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#1 Matt on 07.01.09 at 3:48 am

My hands look like those of an 80 year old!
I’m glad to spread the geocaching gospel with you! Craig is next…

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