Gumboot girl

So, with all this wet weather and after seeing girls wearing gumboots in New York, I’ve been wearing mine around Wellington a bit lately. On the outside of my jeans. I get lots of curious looks, and comments from people in clothing stores. I can tell people think it’s odd to be wearing gumboots in the city – until they realise it’s wet and rainy and actually quite sensible.

I guess the fact that they’re bright orange draws attention.

Which leads me to this story.

Our Short Dark Friend now works for a Big Bank on the main street. In a big glass tower. However it came about, she and her work mates were discussing strange things, or strange clothes or something …

Boy who sits next to her: “Speaking of strange … I was looking out the window down to the street yesterday lunchtime and I saw this chick walking along in bright orange gumboots.”

Short Dark Friend quizzed him: “Really? What did she look like?”

Boy: “I don’t know, couldn’t see from this height. The boots were really orange and I think she had on an orange hat as well.”

Short Dark Friend taps away on her keyboard and goes to my blog, finds a picture of me in my gumboots somewhere: “Do you think this was her?”

Boy: “Ommigod yes I think so, do you know her?”

So she makes a phone call on the spot to me: “Hi, were you walking down Lambton Quay in your gumboots on Tuesday lunchtime?” Yep, mystery solved. And now someone else in the world things I’m strange and orange!!


#1 Short Dark Friend on 07.03.09 at 12:06 am

Haha that is so true….I also told him that from now on he will now notice everything orange!

#2 Orange Girl on 07.03.09 at 12:13 am

That is a rather unavoidable side effect of meeting me so I’ve been told! And I meet people years later who still remember me and say they’d thought of me over the years when they saw something orange … most disturbing was someone who saw an orange wall in some public toilets somewhere!

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