Red arm warmers

Another happy customer! Donna was complaining of cold hands and arms when working and said she needed some long gloves – so I offered up hand crafted arm warmers. She was very excited – especially when they could be tailor made in her company colours!

Now onto some for my Short Dark Friend … have started and unpicked twice. She’s not so keen on the ribbing but stocking stitch just curls up … she’s given in so attempt number 3 begins tonight!


#1 Short Dark Friend on 07.03.09 at 12:08 am

I like to thing that I am agreeable! And this just goes to prove that I’m not always form over function 🙂

OG so looking forward to my arm warmers, may get you to knit me some leg warmers next. Did you hear they are coming back into fashion?

#2 Orange Girl on 07.03.09 at 12:12 am

Yes am very impressed by how agreeable you’ve been. And the single ribbed version doesn’t seem to be curling so far, so I’ll show you when I get a bit further. Don’t mind doing matching leg warmers – at least they won’t take that long seeing as you have quite short legs 🙂 xox

#3 Short Dark Friend on 07.03.09 at 12:16 am

Haha, yeah, but I might get you to make them in very fine baby’s wool and up to my knees! 🙂

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