Birthday blog

Blog is another year older – that’s 5 years now I’ve been rambling away. Take a look at my first week of posts back in 2004. A rather tentative start. But in that lot of posts you’ll see the first Sunday visit to Nikau and the first rave about their date scones! God, that’s 5 years ago?

Will have to see if the Mister can extract again how many blog posts I’ve done since I started. People sometimes scoff at me because I don’t do Facebook – quite apart from the fact that they won’t let me be Orange Girl, I don’t need it, I have my lovely blog.

Some time later: the Mister saved his ‘how many blog posts are there?’ script and can report that as of today, there are 1230! That’s a lot. And considering this time last year there were 868 I’ve been rather prolific this year!


#1 Short Dark Friend on 07.05.09 at 12:58 am

Happy Birthday OrangeBlog! Thanks for providing entertaining reading…..

And if you’re still looking for an orange Prada handbag, I know where you can get one:-)

#2 Birthday blog — OrangeBlog on 07.18.10 at 10:45 am

[…] another year of blogging – 6 years since my first tentative (smaller) posts in July 2006. Last year I’d done 1230 posts, this year it’s up to 1514 so as I say every year, can’t […]

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