Hello World 2.0

Aaaaaaand we’re back!  Blog now brought to you by WordPress. Didn’t The Mister do well? Obviously looks a bit different and loads of things behind the scenes to make management better for me. For you, hopefully still much the same and all my old content, blog pics and categories are in tact. Mothers, making a comment should be easier – at the moment there’s no need for the secret code thing however if I get unsolicited comments we may have to put it back. At minimum, complete just your name and leave your comment. I think those of you that have a feed will have to use the RSS button on the right somewhere to get a new one.

For the moment the family website is gone and orangethings.com and orangethings.com/blog both go to the same place. All the family photos will come back eventually and as I don’t really want those public I’ll send a link when I know what’s going on.



#1 penny on 07.25.09 at 8:17 pm

Looks really hi Tech. Well done and I’m glad everything is back as just love keeping up with your news even if we are just down the road. M.I.L

#2 OrangeGirl on 07.26.09 at 11:01 am

Thanks for being the one to leave the first comment using the new system! Well done and I’m pleased to see it works. I wonder if my comment comes out in a shaded orange box …

#3 penny on 07.26.09 at 12:57 pm

No but when I type everything is orange. Your comment comes out in a yellowy colour. Perhaps the Hi-tech man in his spare time!!! could make the comment be orange. Saw in the Sunday star times that !!!!are in. M.I.L

#4 Matt on 07.26.09 at 4:17 pm

New feed enabled 🙂

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