Home made cards

Trying to find interests outside work to get this damn crick out of the back of my neck and my first adventure was making a birthday card for a friend. Inspired by this very very cool truck one I found for SF Girl I came up with my own version which will feature my own photos.


So thanks whoever you are for the idea and I hope I don’t get into copyright trouble – but mine is quite different because it is my photo and my cards involve double-sided tape whereas yours are much more top-of-the-line with image printed on the card inside an embossed border!

Anyway, not going to show you a picture of the one I made, just know it was received with much amazed praise and was very topical for the recipient and occasion, and you all may end up receiving a hand made treasure (or several) in years to come if I continue!

The whole thing has been made easier by finding out that Gordon Harris sell card with a ‘crease’ (being the arty hand-making set’s term for fold-line) down it in many colours, and that Photo Plus do ‘mini prints’  so can print several of several (or the same) image onto one of the standard sized photos direct from my camera’s memory card! Am not upgrading my camera or buying a guillotine or anything, so the cards will definitely have a homemade feel about them.

So if you receive one, I hope you like it!


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