WordCamp conference day 2

Day 2 at the conference was way more geeky than the first day. I went decked out in my orange flair again, complete with new WordPress button and wore an orange top!


Thought I’d be the most orange person in the room but in fact there was another girl there in an orange top and she had an orange cover on her Mac Book! We exchanged cards – she had a mini Moo card too! And she’s from New York! So I was pretty excited for a while there. Oh! And then I ‘won’ a Supreme spot prize – not quite sure how, perhaps something to do with waxing lyrical about the Supreme coffee and baristas all weekend but after lunch the guy giving out the prizes said “And now we have our last Supreme pack to give away. Is there a Catherine in the room?” Oh. ME!


So, take-aways from the weekend in no particular order:

  • You’re liable for any comments left on your blog.
  • And because of that, you shouldn’t moderate comments to the point of editing or allowing/disallowing because that implies you agree/disagree with the comment therefore making you more liable than normal.
  • Every other person was tapping constantly on a laptop or iPhone. As a presenter I don’t know what it would be like to address an audience of head tops. I couldn’t handle it. I’d find it so rude and on the rare occasion I do speak I glare and pause dramatically if I see people whispering and not paying attention so god knows what I would do if people were doing something else. And I know they’re not taking notes because I saw some of the screens and what was on them.
  • What *is* the etiquette when sitting next to someone who opens a laptop – it’s so much clearer and not easily hidden like a note pad – should one avert their eyes? I almost told the person next to me at one point they had a typo in a Tweet they were writing but thought that probably wasn’t right.
  • People who don’t blog and Tweet are referred to as people ‘out there in the real world’.
  • Heard the phrase ‘Fairy Dust’ for when a geek does something to the server or user account to fix a customer’s problem.
  • Facebook seems to be a place to keep in touch with old friends. Blog is for current stuff.
  • Not sure my life will take a different path now, feels like this is it. A guy presenting was 16. On stuff that proper grown ups do. Made me wonder what I’ve been doing since I was 16 and what I was like when I was 16 – god that mustard jumper, that Lady Di hair do and braces. So so different.


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