Sunday in Blenheim

Another stunning day during our weekend visit to Blenheim. It’s amazing how you can just sit around and do practically nothing for an entire day when you’re not at home.

Made good progress on the second of the cardies by the time we left.


Batch of date scones – always interesting in someone else’s kitchen, and we haven’t made them in a while so it was certainly touch and go when we realised they were running out of golden syrup. But MAN they were good. Really good – we ended up just making regular scones but with golden syrup and cinnamon drenched dates.


Boys went out for a spin in the ‘stang.


We came home with some lovely fresh homegrown treats – lemons from Dean & Steph’s ancient constantly productive lemon tree and delicious smelling daphne from Nanna’s garden.


And for recording in the urban family history books, today’s the date Aidan ate/touched something that gave him a pretty bad allergic reaction – lots of sneezing, snuffling and huge swollen eyes and ears and a trip to the hospital. Showed improvement after that but it was pretty stressful!

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#1 Short Dark Friend on 09.07.09 at 1:31 pm

OG, the colours for the Boy cardie look FAB!

Oh and I’m jealous. I want a ride in the ‘stang!

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