Supreme refresher

Have surprised myself by reading a factual book from end to end and can even remember some of the stuff I’ve read! It’s Espresso: Coffee Supreme Training Manual. It was published in 2001 and has definitely stood the test of time!

The main thing I need to work on is my ‘mouse tails’ – have to twiddle my grind & dose to get a finer stream of coffee with the objective of just the right amount of espresso in the cup after 25 seconds.  Could also polish my milk pouring habits but for the most part the milk design on top doesn’t impact the flavour.

It’s a really great book – I love the voice, the flow and the illustrations – check out this great paragraph – so descriptive that it just takes you right back to those terrible early days:

Many years ago, when making a fluffy cappuccino was the greatest challenge in coffee making, trainees were encouraged to maximise the creation of foam. This usually resulted in the customer receiving a drink with a head of tepid fluff floating on a sea of scalded slop. It may have looked impressive to the naive eye, but it tasted awful.

So true.


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