Coffee conversation

Am becoming a bit obsessed with People’s Coffee at ‘The Garage’ i.e. their little walk-in on Garrett St. Popped over this afternoon after going to the wool shop to grab a takeaway. Amusing conversation was had when I put the wool on the counter to get money out of my purse.

Coffee man: Ooooo, what’s that? Is it food? Is it a burger?
Me: Are you starving? I’m sorry but it’s a ball of wool!
Coffee man: Oh. No. [Sigh.] I’m OK. Just thought it looked like an interesting packet.
Me: Well yes it is. Normally I get a little plastic bag, today they gave me this paper packet.
Coffee man: It’s quite cool, I like seeing where different things come from.
Me: Well, I’m sorry it’s just a ball of pink wool.


Almost rushed back with a couple of chocolate chip cookies for him that I made yesterday. But I don’t think The Mister would approve of that.


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