Have not made lemon meringue pie in years and years but seeing as we brought a load of lemons back from Blenheim I thought I’d use them up by making this old fav – used to be my pudding request growing up whenever Mother asked what I wanted cooked for my birthday dinner.

Made the whole thing from scratch, even got out Bev’s kitchen whiz for the short crust pastry. Mmmm check out the lovely yellow lemony filling.


Couldn’t quite get the glossy high peak that Mother gets but still, it’s meringue.


It’s tastes good and am very proud to report that it actually holds together in proper pie slices.  It’s very lemony and makes The Mister make a sour puss face but it’s got to be good for you – a lot of lemon goodness goes in to half a cup of lemon juice … I’m sure cancelled out by a cup of sugar, but still, got to be some Vitamin C in there somewhere.

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#1 Basel Lisa on 10.06.09 at 11:29 pm

Yum! Looks so good. Would it be pigletty to make one just for oneself’s enjoyment, do you think?

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