Planned meals

At the end of our monstrous run of working and grabbing food on the run or whatever hurried thing we could rustle up last week we decided to do ‘planned meals’ this week. We went through the folder of scraps of paper and bits torn from magazines and shopped for specific stuff at the weekend. We’ve had some simple but very delicious meals so far:

  • Sunday night – Blenheim corn fritters* with tomato/basil salsa
  • Monday night – lemon, basil, parmesan spaghetti
  • Tuesday – pea**, parmesan and parsley risotto (my god this was surprisingly good. I haven’t made risotto solo for a few months now, I really enjoyed it which I know contributes to a good brew but the Mister was late home and it sat for much longer, which was probably an important factor too.)


* Discovered a new fav lunch snack the next day. Cold corn fritters are just like some kind of savoury cake. All good!

** Capitol had a special on offer when we were there on Saturday night – pea ravioli – got to be one of my favourites so am in a kind of pea mood right now. The first and I think only other time I’ve had pea ravioli was at Brasserie Flipp – upstairs bistro on Ghuznee Street about 15 years ago. Restaurant has gone now. I kept the menu because it was such a memorable meal!

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#1 Pea, parmesan & parsley risotto — OrangeBlog on 11.23.09 at 8:22 pm

[…] risotto tonight while the peas we got yesterday were still fresh. It was even more delicious than last time with bigger, greener peas than the frozen […]

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