The Julie/Julia Project

Just saw the movie Julie & Julia – I read the book a few years ago and really enjoyed it and the movie was fantastic. The story is of government agency temp Julie cooking her way through The Art of French Cooking by Julia Childs in the year of her 30th birthday. It’s a great story of cooking and how Julia Childs became the household name she is.

Must have a rat through Mother’s stack of cookbooks to see if she has a copy, I don’t think she does, but I probably can’t consider myself any kind of cook if I don’t try something from the book. And the recipe I should try should probably be boeuf bourguignon although all the red wine and mushrooms puts me off. Perhaps I’ll do it for The Mister.

The story was lovely. Meryl Streep always does such a brilliant job of taking on the characters she plays and her portrayal of Julia Childs was wonderful. Had me in tears a few times and now The Mister and I are doing our best Julia Childs impression every time we make eye contact “Helloooooooo!” Which turns out to be fairly often!!

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