Cupboard meals

Everyone who knows us knows we’re city folk who stop by New World Metro or Moore Wilson’s quite a bit to get provisions during the week, eat only loaves fresh baked white bread and usually have a bare fridge and freezer.

So we’re pretty proud of our efforts over the 4 or 5 days of Christmas when we’ve eaten left-overs and ‘cupboard meals’ (we’re especially proud of these – in manner of Mother living in rural area with chest freezer and pantry of spices and bottled fruit we’ve made a few meals without have to go to the shops to get anything!)

Boxing Day and the day after was pretty much all left-overs from the mountains of food Sara & Lucy brought over on Christmas day – we’re still getting through the meringues for dessert every night and I just don’t know how I’m going to give them up! Then we made a zucchini flan that lasted a couple of days.

One day we make pikelets for lunch and had them with coffee and jam & cream. What!? It was raining and a holiday!


But then our carefully rationed loaf of fresh bread for breakfast toast came to an end. So The Mister baked bread. Forgot that we halved the recipe last time (from Patricia Cornwell’s Food to Die For) so we had a rather giant loaf (which lasted 3 breakfasts and a grilled cheese lunch!) and was a teensy bit uncooked in the middle but toasted up just fine!


And we made another batch of spinach lasagne last night which we wanted to make last for more left-overs so after we’d seen a Twitter Friend’s (@TheNoviceChef) recipe for beer bread The Mister decided he was on a bread-making roll so we made that to go with it.

Cannot believe I poured a whole bottle and a bit of beer into it! (Yes he was making it but I ended up in the Santa’s Little Helper apron when he got nervous of the instructions ‘blend until just mixed’ … )


And then you pour a whole lot of melted butter over it!


But it came out great, didn’t taste of beer, was very sweet and buttery and went very well with our cupboard spinach lasagne. (Then we had meringues for dessert!!)



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