Supermarket time

First supermarket trip was to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods in Union Square. Probably a mistake because both were incredibly crowded (the Trader Joe’s checkout line started at the entrance and snaked right around the back of the store!) and we didn’t know where anything was so had to crawl up and down every aisle. In the pasta aisle when I went to put our stuff in the trolley I realised The Mister had walked off with someone else’s trolley! We’d been walking a while so we had to scratch our heads to remember what the last thing was we put in our own trolley to back track. We found it abandoned by the oil and fell into uncontrollable giggles when we realised some poor person now long gone from there turned to put their oil in the trolley and it had completely vanished. After a quick switercheroo of unwanted items we rushed off and The Mister never let the trolley go again!

Well except for here when you have to take the trolley up the escalator to the rest of the supermarket and checkouts – it rides on it’s own special escalator next to you. Hmmm, I was the only whirly-girl rushing around taking photos of it!

Trolley escalator


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