3 new things today

Had a bit of a wander around at lunchtime today, had to get The Mister out for some air to try and get rid of his germs and had 3 new experiences!

  • Yogurt – peach yogurt, organic stuff even, is not white with bits of peach in it, it’s orange. Not what I was expecting however after not having experienced orange cheese, orange  yogurt will do! Did taste peachy but I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.
  • Wool ‘shop’ – found one near where we live and it was on L5 of somewhere – wasn’t a shop when we got there, it was an office building I guess; we had to buzz L5 and go up in a clackerty lift to a floor that had an acupuncture studio and a room with 2 ladies knitting in it with wall shelves and baskets of wool and buttons and patterns and all things you’d expect to find in a wool shop, just not in a shop! Very strange and intimate. I felt quite bad for them when I left without buying anything!
  • Lemsip equivalent – thanks to Jif we found a Walgreens and set about looking for the Lemsip-stuff he’d recommended. Found it on one of the many shelves of cold and flu stuff but in a section that had little locked glass doors on it. A button nearby instructed ‘press for customer service’ – so I did – and out boomed over the loud speaker a voice saying “Customer Service required in the pain and sleep aisle”. Hmmm, all eyes on me. The manager eventually came rushing over to unlock the cupboard. It was a bit like buying champagne in the supermarket minus the announcement!

Woke up way too early this morning, but was rewarded with a beautiful orange sunrise.

Sunrise series


#1 Lucy on 03.25.10 at 10:57 pm

That sunrise is amazing!!

#2 San Francisco sunrise — OrangeBlog on 10.01.11 at 9:23 am

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