Expensive delivery

Watched an inner city New York delivery this weekend. We wondered why the street that runs by one side of our building was to be closed for a couple of hours, and when a crane appeared we were even more intrigued. Perhaps an air-conditioning unit for the roof of the school, there was a trailer with a big white square on it waiting near the crane. Then we noticed a few people scurrying around in a backyard down below us, sweeping, collecting twigs and things. So thought perhaps it was some building materials.

But no, turned out to be a spa pool, being craned across the top of the row of apartment buildings down into a handkerchief-sized backyard completely enclosed by surrounding apartments. There was some excellent crane driving skills there, and probably a rather hefty delivery bill!


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#1 Short Dark Friend on 03.22.10 at 1:55 am

OG, you should see whether you and The Mister can get an invite for a spa!

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