Go Yankees!

Finally got to a game of baseball last night. The first Friday night game of the season at Yankee Stadium. It’s all The Mister has ever wanted to do on a visit to New York but the seasons have never been right and then there was that fateful day last year when we were here in June and non stop torrential rain cancelled the game and we weren’t here long enough to use the tickets for another game.

Yesterday wasn’t much better! It was very gloomy all day and a bit drizzly going into the evening but the game was still on. We rode the subway out to the game, and no need for subway legs on that ride – the train must’ve have 20,000 people in it and we were like grains of Aborio rice in those vacuum packed bags before you break the seal. Absolutely solid people.

The stadium was huge. Everyone was wearing Yankees gear, it was crazy exciting and very exhilarating for The Mister. Obviously I had no idea what was going on and was more feeling the buzz of The Mister being there at last, than the game.

Our seats were pretty good – 5 or 6 rows from the field and even though the stadium holds 55,000 people it seems pretty small and closed in so we had a great view and could see quite well. The levels of seats were stacked quite high so when we go again I think we’ll definitely pick the lower level even though I was paranoid the whole time that a ball was going to land on me!

Our seats

It drizzled for a while and I proudly wore my Yankees poncho and kept pretty dry.


The poncho did make it quite difficult for me to leap to my feet and shout (not that I really knew what to shout about) and high-5 The Mister – yes, for all those who’ve seen me refuse to do it and complain that it would hurt, I had high-5 lessons from a colleague for 6 weeks before we left and steadfastly refused to do it until we got to the game and surprised The Mister by reciprocating … although luckily it was so cold I was wearing my gloves so it didn’t hurt … even though I know how to do it now, it DOES hurt!

The Mister went and got sliders for dinner (which we think a little burgers) – they were pretty tasty actually.

Dinner's ready

Then half way through the game it poured down, and didn’t stop, so they called it quits – all these matching men ran out and in perfectly co-ordinated sequence unrolled a cover and spread it over the pitch and bases.

And MORE rain

Such a shame but we were in reasonable spirits because we didn’t get too wet. Despite the price of the tickets I think I’d like to go again. It was a very wet steamy ride back into the city on the subway!

106 - 16 April 2010

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