My Swiss Friend is on her way right now! Only a couple more hours and she lands!!


It’s been touch and go all week whether she’d be able to come because of the volcanic ash over Europe but the skies cleared enough for her to take off. Apparently some concern she might not be able to get back due to a second cloud heading for Switzerland so we’ll see. So a weekend of coffees, shops, Chelsea Market and wandering is coming up … yes everyone is shown the same things but we love it!

Update: thanks to The Mister’s comment when he saw this just now I feel that I should explain that the image is taken exactly as was from the Flight Tracker page on the JFK website. The flight path line is not stunted due to my below average Photoshop skills, it’s like that because “Flight Tracker cannot guarantee the path the aircraft took outside of US airspace” so I’m guessing where the line starts is about where she entered that airspace. Hrummph


#1 Jif on 04.22.10 at 6:02 pm

don’t worry, you have excellent photoshop skills! I never doubted your arrow pointer thing

#2 M.I.L on 04.25.10 at 4:44 am

I kept wondering whether Lisa would arrive. Hope she’s got her walking shoes. I brought a pair in Italy!!!! Really pleased we got in a bit of training round N.Y.as have walked miles but now home-Sunday,25 and back to the car and scooter.

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