Green dust

I noticed last week that our glass tables were gathering dust quite quickly, not good! So I got out the trusty Windex and cleaned. Weird thing was that the handy towel came away green. Bright green. Thought it was strange, that someone perhaps had spilled something. Then a couple of days later, the same thing. Have worked out that it’s pollen! All the trees here have just exploded from blossom to green and it must be drifting up in through our windows that we’re having to keep open more and more as it warms up.

So that explains why The Mister is sneezing a lot and why some mornings I feel I have a really sore throat and worry I’m catching a cold but it disappears by day’s end.

Check out the transition from brown to green out our window:


Looking down

Late March

Spring trees

Early April

Green tinges

Mid April

Block getting greener

Late April

117 - 27 April 2010

The green bit that’s most fascinating to me is the lovely soft looking wall of ivy just slightly below mid-centre in this last photo. I guess it’s going to change through amazing colours in autumn.


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