Street corner fan

Whoa it’s hot again today. So we tried to stay in most of the day with the aircon going instead of going out and walking the streets and making ourselves all swollen and hot! It’s so bizarre to have the windows shut tight, and look out at a grey sky and understand that it’s stinking out there; that if you open the window warm air gushes in. Just not something I’m used to coming from Wellington.

It doesn’t look hot out there does it, more like a coolish day, about to rain.

Harmless view

However, the pull of coffee was too great to resist so we put on our shorts and jandals and walked very slowly the few blocks it is to the airconditioned Fika. Quite a stiff breeze for New York today and that helped. Saw this hilarious sight near the cafe – a fan, that got itself whirling in the wind, looking like it was doing it’s best to keep the city cool.

The little fan that could!

157 - 6 June 2010


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