I like RBC’s stuff

Called into RBC yesterday to get some coffee beans – didn’t stop for coffee as it was a bit late in the day. There was a bit of a queue though with Downtown banker types getting a late afternoon wake-up coffee so I had time to stand and look around. The cafe is kind of part way between Soho and the Financial District so it has some of Soho’s eclectic-ness and some of Wall Street’s staunchness. I like a lot of the stuff they have.

Cool chalk menu – lots of cafes have them, RBC’s descriptions of their beans very helpful! Also on the blackboard theme, their little chalk board outside changes daily. Again a lot of cafes have these boards out front with changing pictures or messages – I guess in Wellington these would blow away!

RBC bean menu 167 - 16 June 2010

TVs – usually they have the news on one screen but they can be forgiven for playing the soccer world cup when those games are on. Their second TV is a live feed from the doggie daycare place next door that has a rehabilitation pool – we’ve never seen a dog in the pool yet but as one of the guys was telling customers the other day it’s for dogs recovering from surgery, amputation or just plain fat dogs!


Also spotted their single group La Marzocco machine – not sure when they use it but they have all sorts of coffee paraphernalia and it was cool to see one of these machines up close. Maybe we’ll get one eventually!

RBC single group Lammy

RBC NYC, 71 Worth Street, New York


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