SATC week

Well, survived a week as a single gal in New York city while The Mister was tripping around San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and Las Vegas.

So, was my week alone in NYC like something straight out of Sex & the City? Not really – with no Mister around I had to deal with rather a lot of out-of-the-ordinary things on my own.

  • Record temperatures – 36 & muggy one day.
  • Set the alarm off at work & had to face the NYPD alone. It was just like a scene out of that movie Panic Room – when they came knocking at the glass front door to the office I couldn’t figure out how to open it, which made me look quite guilty and/or freaked out so they started in on the questions “Are you alright ma’am?” “Are you here alone ma’am” “Ahh, no, there’s a guy here, he’s in the room back there on the phone.” “Are you sure you’re alright ma’am?” (followed by a stare that spoke waaaay more than that … ‘if that man is scaring you ma’am and you want us to break down this door here and come in and get him then just blink once for yes and twice for no …’).
  • Massive roach came into the bedroom at midnight (and you probably already read about that here).
  • Went out for drinks with a new girlfriend (that’s a pretty cool SATC moment except for the profuse sweating and greasy face because of the humidity) & I had to figure out how to pay and tip on my own.
  • Cable TV service went off air in the middle of a programme I was watching.
  • A man ran up to me in Madison Square Park all concerned asking if I thought someone was about to jump off a building or was it a statue (not sure if he was going for best pick up line ever?).
  • Went to the movies by myself (SATC2 actually) and sat sandwiched between strangers, all girls, and almost pee’d myself wondering how to get out to the loo without someone taking my seat – however in a high school-eque moment asked the girl next to me to save my seat.
  • A man came up to me on 3rd Ave one night while I was wandering along eating my gelato and asked if he could bum a cigarette – then apologised profusely saying he thought my spoon was a smoke. Not quite sure why that then needed to involve knowing my name, what flavour ice-cream etc etc. Lucky I was right on the corner by our apartment so I just pretended I was a non-English speaking tourist and scuttled off!

The Mister had a great time in sunny California – a mix of work (at a conference) and play. The trip ended with a night in Las Vegas with Bev, where they took in a show, gambled and went to shoot some guns – which he was quite good at! He said he couldn’t really tell where he was aiming or where the shots were going but when he got his zombie target sheet back they were all kill shots (perhaps he would’ve been useful with the roach…)

Gun range in Las Vegas Fresh from the gun range

The rest of his trip photos are on Flickr.


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