Sky writing

Hung out in Central Park for a few hours this weekend thinking it might be a way to escape the heat. Hmmm, kind of if you could find a leafy path that hadn’t seen sun for a while. We were keen to see if the Bethesda Fountain was out from under it’s scaffolding and it was! It was great to see it and such a summer scene.

Central Park

While we were there I noticed 5 jets flying in what I thought was formation except the jet streams coming out of the back of them were more like coughing dots than a stream that I worried they might be in trouble. The Mister went to a clearing to take a couple of photos and when captured as a still pic it was clear that they’d been squirting out words! Really clever.

We recognised some advertising for GEICO (insurance) and a phrase that said ‘hot summer days’.

Sky writing


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