4th of July weekend

So America has celebrated its birthday weekend in true American style – everyone is so proud to be American and everywhere we looked over the weekend there were American flags and people wearing t-shirts with flags on them.

The Rockefeller Centre had swapped its flags of the world for all American ones.

4th of July weekend

The 4th of July fireworks were a much anticipated even for us and we decided to splash out and get one of the 3000 tickets for a seat on the flight deck of the intrepid (retired aircraft carrier now a museum on the Hudson River). We’d seen the ship before when we went on the Circle Line tour with Mother and Father and it was cool to finally get on it. We had to join the world’s longest, sweatiest line to pick up our prepaid tickets but once we got into the cordoned off area we felt quite the hoi-poloi seeing the crowds of people along the closed off WestSide Highway.

4th of July fireworks

Up on the ship we found a great posi behind the seating where we could stand and see the crowds on the massive cruise ship docked alongside, the water cannons from the tug boats and of course the fireworks off 6 barges along the Hudson River.

4th of July fireworks 4th of July fireworks

The fireworks were really great – I reckon from each barge they didn’t do anything more spectacular or larger than the Wellington fireworks display but with it being from 6 barges, perfectly choreographed and lasting about 30 minutes it was rather impressive. They were set to uplifting orchestral music, the last piece being the American National Anthem at which point everyone leapt to their feet and there was no chattering – just the booming of the fireworks and fighter jets doing fly-by. Very patriotic.

185 - 4 July 2010

Here’s a 40-second snippet on video.

The walk back in to 42nd Street was hard work – the night was extremely muggy and 33 degrees, even at 10pm and a million people (literally) were all heading towards the subway.

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