It’s hot when …

I know I’ve got to stop going on about the heat, and obviously it’s going to be a shock to go from 38 degrees to 7 degrees when we get back to Wellington, but there are strange things to experience when it’s hot that I hadn’t noticed before – things other than the most weird prickling sensation coming from the roots of your hair when every pore in your body is trying to get cool:

  • When you first get outside from being in the air-conditioning you feel like you are walking in a warm bath if you have shorts on (yes, talking about me here) – the heat is so enveloping and so hot it feels just like water
  • The floor in the apartment is almost hot, like underfloor heating has been left on high and it doesn’t cool down, not even by 4am
  • The metal bars on the subway entry carousels are very hot to touch
  • Liquid that comes out of pump-pots, hand soap, moisturiser and the like is warm
  • Glasses and plates from the closed cupboards are warm
  • Potato chips are warm
  • Window glass is almost hot
  • I now have a new appreciation for labels on bottles and packets that say “store below 30 degrees C” – I always used to think that was some kind of warning to not keep the item in the oven for some dope that might, but I know now that ordinary cupboards in ordinary houses can actually become like ovens in some climates!

Boy I am sick of looking at my greasy face in the mirror, pores wide open gasping for air so from that point of view, winter will be welcomed.


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