Pulled pork

Those following my blog will know The Mister discovered pulled pork while living in New York. We made it once, on the hottest day of our time in New York at Cousin Grant’s house, using a ready-made pulled pork starter from Williams & Sonoma.

The challenge was to see if we could make it back here and after not being able to find pork shoulder at Moore Wilson’s on our first trip there when we got back we thought we’d not be able to. However, I had another look when we were there yesterday and there was 1. Yes ONE. Must be something rare, or very popular here. However, no pulled pork starter so we had to make that bit up – we knew that we needed about 600ml of reddy-brown sauce of a particular consistency involving smoke and a bit of spice.

So we assembled a bunch of things from Moore Wilson’s and home

Pulled pork starter

I felt like a kid in a garage in the 70’s making feijoa ‘jam’ out of feijoas and water (Mother you know what I mean) as I just poured and glugged random amounts of stuff into a jug and stirred it up until it looked the right consistency and colour

Pulled pork starter

The Mister browned some vegies and the pork like he did in Cousin Grant’s kitchen and we poured the sauce over and popped it in the oven for 4 hours.

Pulled pork starter

The house smelled very smokey and restaurant-like and when we finally got it out of the oven (look away vegetarians) it was ready and pulled apart very easily.

Pulled pork

Assembled the burgers with a bit of the left over sauce concoction and YUM – a great winter meal. Would’ve been perfect if we’d had buns with potato in them (seems most burger buns do in the States) but they were fresh enough so went well. The pork wasn’t as spicy as our first attempt (a good thing), just tasted smokey and tomato-y. Very good.

Pulled pork sandwich

And here’s what I think I put into the pulled pork starter (for a 1.35kg boned pork shoulder):

300 ml tomato sauce (bottled pasta sauce of just tomatoes & salt)
250 ml smokey bbq sauce
150 ml ginger beer
3 large tsp plum jam
half dozen glugs balsamic vinegar

Make a vegie base of onions, celery, carrot and sweat down until well cooked; brown the pork on both sides which will also caramelise the vegies. Put the pork and vegies into the bottom of  a casserole and pour the starter over. Cover and cook in a slow oven (about 150*C) for 4 hours. We turned the pork over half way but not sure if that’s necessary.

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Oh, YUM.

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