Wellington buttons

Why is it so hard to find buttons in this town? Buttons to close an opening in a garment. I went down to Goldings in the Harbour City Centre yesterday at lunchtime to find some, but they only had a very small range and I wanted some white and orange buttons of the same (or a similar) design. I left work early to go to Knit World in Cuba Street, but didn’t get there by 5pm when they closed. Sigh.

Today I went to Arthur Toye in their new location in The Grand Arcade. The woman at the counter did not make eye contact and barely lifted her head from a magazine when I asked where the buttons were “I’m sorry we don’t carry buttons.” In a fabric store. Huh? She didn’t apologise or offer an alternate location. So I left work even earlier today and made it to Knit World before they closed. They have a reasonable selection but while they had white and every other colour in a similar design, there was nothing similar in orange. And lots of the tubes of white buttons I picked up only had 1 or 2 buttons left in them. I needed 5.

However, I got some in the end, not the most ideal buttons for a knitted baby’s cardigan and very fiddly to sew on but they look good. Next time I buy wool I’m going to get the buttons at the same time.


#1 Lucy on 08.29.10 at 6:24 pm

This shop is near our apartment 🙂


#2 Orange buttons — OrangeBlog on 08.30.10 at 6:41 pm

[…] my little ranty last week about not being able to find buttons in Wellington, Lucy told me about a shop full of buttons in Sydney. And today I think she’s been to visit […]

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