Meet Vernon everyone – the newest member of our Blenheim urban family!

Welcome Vernon

Got a text yesterday while we were out having coffee with this photo and the message “Meet Vernon, perhaps you could come and visit him?” – was very excited! Obviously I knew who the text was from but I didn’t tell The Mister, just showed him the photo and asked him to guess (the floor is a giveaway for us) but his first horrified comment was “oh no, Tess hasn’t died has she?” The plan was for cats after the dogs had gone to doggie heaven but as we’ve since discovered, Vernon is such a lovely, placid family cat abandoned at the SPCA that they’re not worried about having a dog and cat at the same time. So far all is well. And Vernon slept on Aidan’s bed last night so he’s right at home already – he knows who the boss of that house is!

Now off to find the next cheap flights to get down there and meet him!

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#1 Basel Lisa on 09.25.10 at 5:18 am

Ohhhhh … looks like Troubs!

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