I’ve been there!

Went to see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps yesterday. Cousin Grant had told us when we had a tour of his office on 3rd Ave that parts of it were filmed in his offices and on his trading floor. OH MY GOD! I nearly squealed in the movie when I recognised parts of the set that I’d stood in – they’re the Zabel office scenes.

I can’t find pics online for everything we recognised but definitely this meeting room with The Lipstick Tower out the window


Any trading floor scenes


And when you see Jake in Zabel’s office – that’s Cousin Grant’s office!!! We saw that desk and big clock and TV streaming CNN!! And the view! In fact here’s a photo Cousin Grant emailed from his office window a couple of weeks ago.


Very exciting 🙂


#1 Basel Lisa on 10.04.10 at 11:45 pm

How cool is that? Can’t wait to see it. It can’t be too far off, as Oliver Stone was in Zurich at the film festival promoting it the other day.

#2 Short Dark Friend on 10.21.10 at 10:16 pm

Just saw Wall St and thought of you OG! Oh and saw the subway on 77th where I caught the 6 from Upper East to Soho! So cool.

#3 OrangeGirl on 10.22.10 at 2:58 pm

I know! Amazing aye – and just imagine if you been in the actual offices where it was filmed, like being on a film set – you can imagine The Mr and me being rather excited about that!

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