Fun as

Had a great and hilarious night with Mother, Father and Niece on their way back from a School Holiday South Island Tour last night. We were entertained with a 3-hour blow by blow description of plants, wildlife and sea animals encountered on the trip – lucky she wasn’t subjected to a holiday with us or she’d probably only have seen latte’s!!

I had a major flashback when I saw her (haven’t since January) as she’s started to grow out of being a little girl and she looks just like my sister who I remember at that age. However, everyone else says she looks like me – which I could see after spending time together.

It was a great night.

Her funny uncle who says stuff an adult probably shouldn’t in front of her

279 - 7 October 2010

Mini me

Mini me?

At 11 she’s a champion swimmer, says ‘as’ every second word and doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but in her own words, some kind of brainiac like a zoologist.


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