Shopping allergy

Why am I so allergic to clothes shopping? I’d quite like to enjoy it but I just don’t. I really have to prepare myself for a wander around the shops and as soon as I’m pounced on by 1 (or even 3 as occurred recently) assistants asking if I’m just happy browsing or looking for something specific (what do you think lady? if there was something specific I’ll come and ask you) or making some comment on my current outfit or showing me something new, it’s over. Whatever grain of good mood I had fortified myself with leaves my body with such propulsion that I’m left drained. You probably think this sounds overly dramatic but it’s what happens! Sometimes I have to ball up my fists and hold back tears!! I am stumped by this repulsion of attention given that I love it when I go into a restaurant or cafe and I’m greeted like an old friend and the staff there know what I like. It’s just clothes stores that I want to be completely anonymous in. Which is probably why I have the biggest problem in Wellington. And that’s not all, if I manage to stay in the store long enough to see a couple of things I quite like I immediately spiral into a confusing loop about what I’ve already got that’s similar, or that would go with it, or just know instantly it won’t look good on, or note that the store is fairly quiet so get put off trying anything on because the ladies with nothing to do will gather around offering opinions and this and that to go with it so I leave without trying, and without anything. Then realise half way home that I do in fact have a pair of tights, jacket, shoes or whatever to go with it, but I can’t go back and try it or get it for fear the assistant will recognise me and so that whole cycle starts again. And if I do buy something, I don’t want that to get any attention either so end up not wearing it for months to avoid the “is that new?” question!

God, do I need counselling? This is way at the other end of the shopaholic problem spectrum!


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