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I’m not really one of those people who can easily let the day unfold, especially not Saturday – although I like the idea of just letting the day take you where it may I do like a certain amount of planned activity, just to be sure that things like coffee beans have been stocked given that our coffee bean suppliers aren’t open on a Sunday.

So yesterday while breakfasting at Gotham, I never thought my uttering ‘I feel like making cupcakes’ would lead to an entire day in the kitchen.

We were quite amazed at all the things on the go for just feeding the 2 of us!

Busy kitchen

We minced the fruit for the 2010 batch of Christmas fruit mince for pies at Christmas (well The Mister did & I handed him what needed to be minced!)

Mincing fruit

We made cupcakes – vanilla coffee cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting (I was horrified that the recipe called for 2kg (yes KG) icing sugar … we only had 400g … however having a preference for more cake than icing we were happy with the light coating and they still looked good … and tasted fantastic!)

Icing cupcakes

295 - 23 October 2010

We made some pork & plum stew invention served with (what I call) warmed coleslaw … not that it tastes like that, it’s something adapted from Mother … just without the fennel at The Mister’s request!

Pork & cabbage

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