New places to cross

This week the old Manners Mall has really been transformed into a road and now on our way to work we’re using the new footpaths and crossing at the new pedestrian crossways and lights.

New cross ways

Today on our walk home a guide dog had arrived at one of the new pedestrian ramps off the footpath to take his owner across the road using one of the new pedestrian routes. It got me wondering how the dog knew what to do. This must happen all the time. Has the dog been trained to know that the ramp is the only place you can cross? And then what does he do if he gets to an intersection that doesn’t have one? As he’s approaching the road he wants to cross does he scan up and down to find a safe crossing place? Or does someone get in touch with all people with guide dogs to let them know of new pedestrian crossing areas? Take the person or dog out to run them through the new approach and crossing? Guide dogs are amazing.


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